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Does this look like a breakfast meeting at your office?

[Take a guess where this photo was taken – you won’t believe it.]

What is the food and health culture in your organization? And what does that have to do with productivity, performance and profitability?

No one wants to work in a place where there are lots of rules — or worse, where behavior is dictated or shamed. But what people don’t know about health and wellness can harm them, and the productivity of the organization.

Sugar consumption is linked to workplace performance in many ways:

  • Lowered immune function, meaning likelihood of more sick days
  • Mood disorders
  • Brain fog
  • Irritability
  • Sleep disturbances, leading to fatigue during the workday
  • Increases in health insurance premiums

On the risk-management side, high sugar consumption is linked to high-risk biomarkers, including “bad” cholesterol and blood sugar levels, which can result in higher health insurance premiums (some insurers will reward good test results with premium credits or cash to support wellness programs).

Work with us to upgrade the health and performance of your organization:

  • Step-by-step learning curriculum
  • Leadership coaching to infuse the organization with a health-and-resilience ethic
  • Adopting/customizing the full Breaking Free from Sugar program to your organization

How can we help you strengthen the performance of your team or workforce and lower risk exposure? Let’s chat. Email: start (at) breakingfreefromsugar dotcom.

Download the Breaking Free from Sugar In the Workplace flier.

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