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If you’re looking for a presentation that will get everyone on the same page as far as their knowledge about the importance of limiting sugar, then this is it!

Drawing on research from numerous fields, this 75-90 minute presentation, will help participants understand:

  • That sugar is not as benign as we once thought
  • How sugar is behind many common symptoms that threaten our wellbeing, including: poor sleep, joint pain, irritability, poor skin, brain fog, energy swings, and much more
  • The role sugar plays in chronic disease, including diabetes, depression, cancer, dementia, and heart disease, the #1 killer in the U.S.
  • The two main ways that sugar does so much damage in the body,
  • The three biggest myths that keep us from changing our beliefs, and
  • The 5 Pathways of Sugar Dependency(TM), which is the model we created to explain the many ways that sugar pulls us in
  • We’ll also share some strategies and tips for cutting back, and what you need to do to prepare to quit.

For inquiries, please email: start [at] breakingfreefromsugar.com.

Dr. Andrea Grayson works as a behavior change communications consultant, and teaches about behavior change and public health communications in the Master’s of Public Health Program in the University of Vermont’s Larner College of Medicine. In 2016 she discovered, almost by accident, that she had been in denial of a life-long addiction to carbohydrates. It took her almost 2 years of trial and error trying to quit before she felt totally free. She put everything she knows about behavior change, as well as everything she learned personally while overcoming her own carb addiction, into the Breaking Free from Sugar program, so that others can also be free and reclaim their health.

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