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Strengthen Your Morning Routine With A Dose Of Resolve

Strengthen your morning routine with a dose of resolve

I write about the power of intention quite a bit – it is a powerful tool for focusing your attention and creating a path for action.

Setting intentions for movement and healthy eating are part of my morning practice, along with several other things I am actively creating, like my work habits.

I’ve also been working with increasing “micro-intentions,” which are intentions to focus specific activities throughout the day. Examples might include: before sitting down for lunch, setting the intention of eating slowly and savoring each bite; or, before sitting down for a writing session, setting the intention of no distractions until the piece is done.

Those practices are key for creating positive change in one’s life. But today I am struck by how mamby-pamby the word “intention” is compared to “resolve.”

For me, intentions are a critical tool for staying on course, like setting the destination on a car’s GPS; they set the direction, constantly reminding the vehicle where it’s heading and keeping it pointing in the right direction. Critical.

But setting the destination by itself does not guarantee arriving in a timely way. There could be unavoidable traffic. There could be detours. There could be distractions. You could run out of gas.

So, what ensures progress toward a destination? Resolve.

Resolve is believing that change is possible.

Resolve is setting yourself up to win.

Resolve is enlivening the feeling of winning.

Resolve is marshaling the right use of will.

When you start your day with a morning practice that includes growing your resolve, you are growing your capabilities to direct your life and outcomes. You are growing your personal power by growing your belief in yourself. And the stronger the feeling of resolve is, the more you can call on it during the day when you are presented with choices that can derail your intentions.

Resolve, like intentions, need to be re-won every day.

And it feels good! You get pumped up. [I’m guessing that when we enliven resolve we get a hit of dopamine and adrenalin, because it makes me feel powerful and invincible.]

So start your day by spending a few minutes strengthening your resolve, and you’ll start your day with a full tank of gas; you’ll have enough fuel to outmaneuver any obstacles that get thrown in your way.

PS: It is worth noting that unshakable resolve isn’t won overnight; it is built by powering-up the imaginative forces and supported by belief in yourself and/or higher forces. If you desire freedom, then grow your resolve for it every day.



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